OT and IoT Security

ICS, OT & IoT visibility and security solutions that tackle the challenges faced by critical infrastructure and industrial organizations

OT Asset Inventory & Management

InShield partnered with its Alliance Partner identifies network devices, validates details, and provides precise descriptions. It also monitors each asset’s metadata in real-time, collecting attributes such as:

  • Device name, type, serial number, firmware version and components
  • Asset and subpart properties: site, name, IP address, MAC address and state
  • Embedded devices such as PLCs and their inner components
  • Logical node subsystems such as circuit breakers and switches
    • Measurement points
    • PC operating system and installed software apps with version numbers

Dedicated asset views make it easy to visualize, find and drill down on OT device information. Industrial operators can easily add more details such as location and site.

IoT Security

IoT Security

Our solution helps you identify all communicating assets on your networks. It incorporates extensive asset information including name, IP and MAC address, type, serial number, firmware version and components.

IoT Vulnerability Assessment

Our solution helps you detect vulnerable OT and IoT assets to prioritize remediation. It utilizes the U.S. government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) for standardized naming, description and scoring.

IoT Threat And Anomaly Detection

Our solution helps you identify IoT cybersecurity and process reliability threats. It integrates comprehensive threat and risk monitoring from behavior-based anomaly detection and signature-based threat detection.

Smart Polling

Our uses a powerful combination of active and passive asset discovery for enhanced IoT device tracking, vulnerability assessment and security monitoring. Its strategies cover typical IoT protocols as well as a wide range of OT devices.

Industrial Strength ICS Security

The (SaaS) platform leverages the power and simplicity of the cloud to deliver unmatched security and visibility across your OT, IoT, and IT networks. It was specifically designed to scale across multiple sites containing a large number of IoT devices.

Network Monitoring

Anticipate Cyberthreats & Operational Issues

Stay ahead of security threats and operational issues with our comprehensive deep packet inspection of a wide range of industrial, IoT and IT protocols.

Diagnose Security Risks & Process Anomalies

Our solution helps you detect vulnerable OT and IoT assets to prioritize remediation. It utilizes the U.S. government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) for standardized naming, description and scoring.

Respond With Actionable Intelligence

Our dashboards, query capabilities, playbooks and forensic tools keep you focused on what matters to help coordinate remediation efforts across teams.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

Industrial networks contain thousands of OT and IoT devices from a variety of vendors. Unfortunately, most of those devices aren’t designed for the level of security required in an IIoT world. Many ICS devices are in fact insecure by design – lacking authentication, encryption, and other security standards that typically apply to IT applications and systems.

Which leaves you wondering – which devices on my network are vulnerable and in need of special protection? And, which ones require firmware updates or other actions to close the door on cyber risks?

Our solution addresses this operational challenge by automatically identifying your system vulnerabilities.

Utilizing the U.S. government’s NVD (National Vulnerability Database) for standardized naming, description and scoring, it rapidly determines which devices are at risk.

To help your security team prioritize high level exposure points, the solution displays all vulnerabilities by vendor, severity level and more in a dedicated view. Plus, it offers drilldown on each vulnerability for deeper troubleshooting and remediation assistance.

Threat Detection & Response

While malware and other high profile cyberattacks get a lot of attention, the SANS Institute reports that more than 40% of ICS professionals rank accidental incidents as a top threat vector.

Examples include device configuration errors, default or weak passwords and disabling security software on a company laptop.

In addition to implementing cybersecurity best practices, two other things are needed to thwart accidental or unintentional cyber incidents – detection and counter response.

Our solution proactively identifies cyber risks that threaten the security of your industrial control systems.